Who We Are

The Energy Efficiency Alliance is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in the Mid-Atlantic through education and awareness.


The Energy Efficiency Alliance deploys education, strategic outreach, and policy innovation to expand the market for energy efficiency in the mid-Atlantic region. As the largest and fastest-growing industry in the energy sector, our efforts are focused on growing a local workforce that cannot be outsourced, while reducing pollution and bolstering the local economy.


We envision a world in which public policy unlocks our full energy efficiency potential and ensures equitable access to energy efficiency measures. As the least-cost energy resource, energy efficiency enables residents and businesses to positively and practically manage their energy consumption in a way that addresses pressing social, public health, and environmental issues while growing the local economy.


At the Energy Efficiency Alliance, we believe that social justice, economic development, and innovation are inseparable values, essential to building healthy, resilient communities, and realizing a more equitable, sustainable future. We represent a diverse membership of companies actively engaged in helping residents and businesses save energy and money while addressing the climate, socio-economic, and energy issues we currently face.

State Affiliate Organizations

The EEA’s mission is carried out on the ground in Pennsylvania and New Jersey by state affiliate 501(c)6 organizations. Representing more than 70 member businesses, KEEA and EEA-NJ engage with legislative and regulatory bodies to educate decision-makers on the benefits of energy efficiency.

The Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance was founded in 2006 to advocate for Pennsylvania’s flagship energy efficiency law, Act 129.

The Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey was founded in 2018 to represent the interests of the state’s burgeoning energy efficiency economy.