Heat Pumps in New Jersey

Heat Pumps in New Jersey: Setting the Record Straight

Education & Resources

Heat Pumps: Fact & Fiction
March 2023, EEA-NJ

Confused about what’s fiction and what’s fact about heat pumps in New Jersey? Read our mythbuster to get the real story.
Heat Pump Policy 101
May 2023, EEA-NJ

What heat pump policies are already helping NJ consumers, and what can we expect next? How can policymakers help or hinder heat pump progress? This short policy primer will get you up to speed.

Brief: Highly Efficient Cold Climate Electric Heat Pumps Are Ready to Scale in New Jersey!

March 2023, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

NEEP is a Northeast leader in heat pump guidance and education for industry members, policymakers, and consumers. Their brief gives expert background on scaling heat pumps in NJ.

Heat Pump Stories

EnergyEfficiencyStories.org is a growing database of stories from New Jersey and Pennsylvania showing the economic, social, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency. And some of those stories are about heat pumps! Check out these New Jersey highlights:

New Jersey Heat Pump News