EEA-NJ Member Benefits

Why join our alliance?

What our members are saying

"Good state policy and regulations are critical to a healthy EE marketplace, and EEA-NJ effectively tracks policy proceedings, elevates industry best practices, and serves as a voice for companies like mine so we can focus on running our businesses."
Lloyd Kass
VP, Market Development & Regulatory Strategy, Franklin Energy

As a member, you can:

Shape the EE landscape

KEEA and EEA-NJ members advance progressive energy efficiency policies from the inside by joining staff in meetings with state agencies, legislators, the Governor’s office, and other policy makers. Members have regular and easy access to our established channels of communication, providing lawmakers with strong, clear, consistent messages from a broad spectrum of industry stakeholders.

Stay in the loop

Developments in the energy efficiency industry may not always make national headlines, but they deeply affect our member organizations. We regularly communicate actionable information to our members through legislative and regulatory alerts, business engagement conference calls, a monthly newsletter, and one-on-one staff consultations.

Build relationships with other leaders

KEEA and EEA-NJ excel at creating personal, productive spaces for stakeholder conversations. Whether you come to one of our two annual conferences, attend or host a Business Engagement tour, join a members-only cocktail hour, or tune into a webinar or business call, your membership grants you access to a powerful network of related businesses and advocates from your region and beyond.