EEA-NJ’s 2023 EE Champions

Celebrating EEA-NJ’s 2023 Energy Efficiency Champions

EEA-NJ is proud to announce our two New Jersey Energy Efficiency champions:

Daikin U.S.A.
In Memoriam: NJBPU President Joseph Fiordaliso

EEA-NJ Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa on Our 2022 Champions:

“Whether they’re in the private sector or public servants, our 2023 Energy Efficiency Champions exemplify the leadership needed to create a clean, just, and resilient energy economy for New Jersey and beyond. Driving broader adoption of energy efficiency approaches can unlock decarbonization potential and support tens of thousands of jobs across the Garden State. From distributed energy resources to managing load and stabilizing the grid, energy efficiency is more relevant than ever before.”

EEA-NJ’s 2023 Member EE Champion:

Daikin U.S.A.

“We are thankful and honored to receive this award from EEA-NJ. As trailblazers in sustainability technology, we take on the profound responsibility of spearheading the journey toward global decarbonization and electrification. We look forward to continuing our partnership with EEA-NJ in our shared mission to achieve decarbonization and helping to make society a better place for all.”

Vince Fuentez, Daikin Energy Efficiency Market Transformation Manager

Why Daikin U.S.A. is Our 2023 Champion:

Daikin U.S.A. ( is a leading innovator and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Throughout 2023, Daikin leadership and employees remained consistently engaged in EEA-NJ’s policy work, sharing their expertise with decision-makers across New Jersey and shaping EEA-NJ’s formal comments and filings on issues as diverse as building performance energy standards and multi-family buildings. Leveraging their large Northeast presence, Daikin USA offered their Jersey City training facility up for legislative learnings and supported a Heat Pump Lunch & Learn in Trenton. In addition to speaking at the EEA-NJ/KEEA Policy Conference, Daikin team members are helping to pull together an HVAC contractor network for the state.

EEA-NJ’s 2023 Public Servant EE Champion:

In Memoriam: NJBPU President Joseph Fiordaliso

“I am honored to accept the Energy Efficiency Public Service champion Award on behalf of Joe Fiordaliso. Throughout his career as a teacher, his nearly two decades with the Board, and the last six as President, every single thing that Joe accomplished was guided by the conviction that there is no higher calling in life than doing whatever we can to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a safe, sustainable planet. He literally pioneered our state’s transition to a clean energy economy that set the stage for the work we’re doing now and that established New Jersey as a global leader in both renewable innovation and climate mitigation. Joe was fond of saying ‘the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use’ because he knew that energy efficiency is key to fighting the devastating impacts of climate change. I would like to thank the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey and the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance for this recognition.”

– NJBPU President Christine Guhl-Sadovy

Why Former NJBPU President is Our 2023 Champion:

President Joseph Fiordaliso began serving on the Board of Public Utilities in December 2005, and was renominated in 2011 and again in 2013. He was elevated to the chairmanship by Murphy when he took office in 2018. As a cabinet member, President Fiordaliso was a key ally of Gov. Phil Murphy on clean energy issues. In July, Fiordaliso backed a measure to reduce the state’s dependency on natural gas and move toward expanded electrification over the next twelve years. President Fiordaliso passed away suddenly in early September.