EEA-NJ’s 2022 EE Champions

Celebrating EEA-NJ’s 2022 Energy Efficiency Champions

EEA-NJ is proud to announce our two New Jersey Energy Efficiency champions:

MaGrann Associates
NJ Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo

EEA-NJ Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa on Our 2022 Champions:

“Whether they’re in the private sector or public servants, our 2022 Energy Efficiency Champions exemplify the leadership needed to create a clean, just, and resilient energy economy for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond. Our private sector champions look beyond their own companies to support the entire region’s energy efficiency industry, and our public sector champions have led forward-thinking, equity-focused policy initiatives. These champions help people  benefit from energy efficiency—through lower bills, healthier homes, cleaner air, a safer climate, and tens of thousands of jobs across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

EEA-NJ’s 2022 Member EE Champion:

MaGrann Associates

MaGrann sponsored and exhibited at KEEA & EEA-NJ’s 2022 Policy Conference in Philadelphia.

“On behalf of the entire team at MaGrann, we are thrilled and honored to receive this recognition. EEA-NJ has been a critical partner in our mission to improve the quality of living through the performance of the buildings people live in. There has never been a more critical time for our industry to leverage the benefits of energy efficiency for a better world. From climate change mitigation to the health and affordability of housing, we can all take pride in the contribution we are making—it’s what keeps us going every day. Thank you.”

Rich Selverian, CEO

Why MaGrann Associates is Our 2022 Champion:

MaGrann Associates ( is an engineering and consulting firm that has helped to create some of the highest-performing buildings in the East Coast residential and multifamily market. Throughout 2022, MaGrann leadership and employees remained consistently engaged in EEA-NJ’s policy work, sharing their expertise with decision-makers across New Jersey and shaping EEA-NJ’s formal comments and filings on issues as diverse as building performance energy standards, advanced metering infrastructure, green building tax credits, and multi-family buildings.

EEA-NJ’s 2022 Public Servant EE Champion:

NJ Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo

“I am so honored to receive this award. For the past several years, I have been able to direct the State’s energy efficiency standards as the chair of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee. One of my bills that I am proud of that was signed into law this year establishes a minimum energy and water efficiency standard for appliances sold in the state, which will go a long way towards reducing our carbon footprint. It is one of the many ways that I have been able to help the State create long-lasting change for the betterment of everyone.”

Asm. DeAngelo

Why Assemblyman DeAngelo is Our 2022 Champion:

New Jersey’s appliance efficiency standards were updated for the first time in over 15 years when Assembly Bill 5160 was signed into law in 2022. Assembly Wayne DeAngelo drafted and introduced this bill, helped it garner 20 cosponsors and pass multiple bipartisan votes, and advocated tirelessly for better appliances for his constituents. The resulting law covering 17 commercial and residential appliances is projected to save New Jersey consumers $130 million in annual energy savings, in addition to reducing emissions and improving air quality across the state.

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