Growing the market for energy efficiency in New Jersey

Energy Efficiency Is An Economic Powerhouse

Energy efficiency — the largest and fastest-growing energy sector — includes the production and installation of energy-saving products as well as services that reduce energy consumption. At the start of 2020, energy efficiency had achieved a five-year growth rate of 20% and employed nearly 2.4 million Americans. These career-launching jobs pay well, span a diverse set of skills, and cannot be outsourced.


Member Benefits: A Mid-2023 Recap

Wondering what a KEEA or EEA-NJ membership could do for you?Read Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa’s mid-2023 letter to members, summarizing…

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What Our Members Are Saying

  • Good state policy and regulations are critical to a healthy EE marketplace, and EEA-NJ effectively tracks policy proceedings, elevates industry best practices, and serves as a voice for companies like mine so we can focus on running our businesses.

    Lloyd Kass, VP, Market Development & Regulatory Strategy, Franklin Energy


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